Welcome to the EVENTECH Website

EVENTECH is a highly regarded sound, lighting, structure, staging and backline rental company.

Based in Centurion, Pretoria, we offer a wide range of products and services in the technical field within the entertainment industry. Listed below are the various departments within our organization for the moment and the various services and respective products we offer currently.

Sound: Our sound department is of a very high importance to us and it is with in this field we aspire to surpass any expectation laid down by ourselves as well as by others, that fact is clear when looking at our inventories as the sound department shows the most growth in comprehensive training, as well as the latest in sound equipment. The market for reliable sound equipment as well as dependable crew is over crowded by empty promises and unreliable gear, but we feel that we have all the right aspects and facets that will make us a strong contender for dominating the market. Our flag ship in audio is currently a JBL vertec series Sound System It is one of the most flexible and world renowned products the market has ever seen, along with a full range of Soundcraft  SI series Mixing Consoles, and a variety of Microphones.

Backline: Backline has always been our way into the industry, as we started out primarily as a backline company almost 7 years ago with the highest standards in comparison to that of our competitors. This has only been reiterated with a TPSA award nomination in 2011 for the best backline company in South-Africa. We believe that although we are confident in our abilities as a backline provider as well as the abilities of all our backline technicians.

Structure/Staging: Along with backline, Staging and Structures both played an integral part in the growth and industry establishment of Eventech. We have provided stages for an incredible amount of open air events, as well as corporates and even some television shoots. We provide a modern looking extremely safe and secure stage structure to the size of your every wish, also as an option for the open air event, a silver truss roof structure to ensure your event with take place regardless of the weather. All our structures and components are COC approved by a structural engineer and are signed of before the start of every event.

Audio Visual: Our AV department is the newest addition to the services provided our company we are able to provide a number of size of fast fold projection screens both rear and front projection. We also have the newest in SMD technology, a screen wall that can be build to your specification as the panels can be fitted together to create the wall and can be used both in doors and out doors.

Lighting: Although lighting is not our main focus we are able to quote, setup and do a show in the mentioned field. However we are predominantly more focused on the above mentioned fields at the juncture in time. We do however plan to create a new department purely focused on lighting and all its facets.

Event Power offers a complete range of mobile heavy-duty power generators for any type of event requiring a stable electricity feed. The generators are powered by John Deere turbo diesel engines, providing 3-phase power from 30 KVA (40 Amp per phase) to 150 KVA (240 Amp per phase), enough to supply even the largest of events with constant raw energy.